Monday, March 26, 2012

Why should we choose PBXware MultiTenant PBX vs Thirdlane Multi-Tenant PBX ? (Part II : Cost of Entry)

The single largest misconception that we have to deal with when customers are considering a choice between Thridlane and PBXware MultiTenant PBX with its softswitch capability is price perception.

To be clear, this is an issue confined uniquely to VoIP Entrepreneurs starting new businesses and facing many unknowns of how much market they will obtain. For Old Hacks, who have a little more certainty of their markets, revenues & ROIs, the issue has long passed onto minimising the pain of managing a real business and getting the features that matter to customers.

Curiously the point at which this turn seems to take place - is so low. 100 extensions and the burden of managing the Thirdlane platform appears to have overwhelm Service Providers. Suddenly the original Investment that will never be recouped is gone. References available.

Here are some, well actually many, items to consider about costs. Combined we really do believe you will come to the agreement that notion that Thirdlane costs less, simply is not true:
  • ASSUMPTION that because PBXware MultiTenant PBX has more features in a professionally orgnaised manner - "it simply must be a greater cost"- just because PBXware has more features and functions that does not mean it must be a more expensive product. Our business model is based around 'Starting Partnerships'. We wish to work with those who have the local presence to take us further faster and will gladly work with you to get you started in your endeavour. Increasingly we have many more products that can be put through distribution channel to help us both build later business.
  • The wish to get started at the lowest "base" becomes blinding. Almost as above but we have time again seen Start-ups so preoccupied with their status of 'starting out' that they seem almost compelled to try to 'associate' themselves with the most barebones infastructure they can possibly find. Even though options are available for no more cost and possibly less cost that would provide them a base to reach to the stars and have in place the necessary architecture and structure that their businesses might move forward.
  • Bicom Systems simply has more : if you start to add up the options that Bicom Systems has : Telcoware Provisioning Platform, Integrated Telephony Billing, Desktop Applications, Call Center PBXs ... then the total will increase. Like for like to 'just the Thirdlane' multitenant pbx product to PBXware ... PBXware's entry offer can be less upfront capital to get started !!!
  • Future Proof 1: Once your first server is filled, how to then expand the network in a seamless manner so that it is clear where each customer registration group is being kept.
  • Future Proof 2: The investments needed to stay in this market are not decreasing. Mobile Integration, Desktop Integration, CTI, Alarm Monitoring, Call Center, Video ... each need dedicated teams and to sustain this requires large revenues that are only possible with the distribution of large systems.
  • Marketing : Any new business needs marketing material and ideally support in generating business. Bicom System provides extensive marketing material at source to its partners as well as market research and suggestions of positioning. Through case studies and internet marketing we have also been able to promote partners.
  • Support : Bicom Systems does not charge $175.00 / hour for support, it is a flat rate, unlimited support. $175.00 is of course no money at all to a startup ITSP - 'if you assume you do not need support'. If however it is after your exisiting budget is eaten up and the customer is screaming at you and ... that customer is paying you $20 per month, the problem takes six hours to solve, then ... suddenly ... you don't even have a business model and all the investment to date is beginning to look like sunk costs.
  • And then what ... : it does not start and stop with getting a bit of software. The whole operation of running an ITSP raises questions. Not least 'what the next customer wants'. Bicom Systems Account Managers exist to advise on that next customer and if necessary provide custom work.
  • Telcoware : The customer comes to your web site, they choose their subscription, enter their details, the monies are taken, the account is provisioned, the order is sent to get the phones out in the post and you are still in bed. Not yet ready for this dream, possibly - but it would be good to know it is ready for you when you are.
  • Making a Quick Decision does not mean Making a Bad Decision : as said above - Bicom Systems simply can give more either today or as your business grows. We are very used to getting you started. We implore you, take a breath and let us do what we do best and find you a way to have the best platform from which to move forward. It may just save you from putting all your savings down sunk, then spending the next two years trying to work back to the same start position through agony, before having the investment to start again.
    If the words seem harsh - the references are available.
So what is the answer ? No idea  :) until we talk to you and get to know your business fully and properly.

For those reading this looking for further reading, you may wish to try : How to Start an ITSP

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